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Optical diagnostics provide greater understanding and control of scientific, biological and engineering systems. Light adds no extra mass or stiffness to the structure and measurements can be made at many points simultaneously under service conditions. We research novel optical techniques for measuring deformation, vibration, shape and fluid flow. Jointly with our collaborators, we apply these techniques to unique measurement problems in science and engineering.


The Optical Diagnostics Group is part of the Applied Optics and Photonics Research Group at Heriot-Watt University, which comprises academic staff from Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Working at the interface between these traditional disciplines, the Group has earned an international reputation in fundamental engineering and science-based research, with widespread links to industry, a commitment to knowledge transfer and long-term collaborations with many leading research teams worldwide. The scale of photonics-based research at Heriot-Watt, from novel optical devices through to their application to solve engineering problems, is unique within the UK.


The Applied Optics and Photonics Research Group is part of the Institute of Integrated Systems (one of the Joint Research Institutes of the Edinburgh Research Partnership in Engineering with Edinburgh University). Some of the Group’s activity is also associated with the James Watt Institute for High Value Manufacturing, recognising that photonics has a major role in modern manufacturing, providing (often in the same application), both routes to low cost (automated) manufacture and the key processes underpinning high-added-value products. The Group collaborates extensively with the University’s Strategic Alliance Partners, including Renishaw and AWE.



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