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Research areas

Optical diagnostics provide greater understanding and control of engineering and scientific systems. Light adds no extra mass or stiffness to the structure and measurements can be made at many points simultaneously under service conditions. We research novel optical techniques for measuring deformation, strain, vibration, shape and fluid flow. We apply these techniques to unique measurement problems, particularly for manufacturing applications.



Residual stress measurements using GHz and THz radiation


Key findings

·         First measurement of the direct stress optic coefficient for yttria-partially stabilized zirconia (YTZP) ceramic [2]

·         First observation of stress induced birefringence in air plasma sprayed (APS) ceramic thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) [3]


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Additive manufacture (3D printing) of metals - Powder


Key findings

·         Open architecture metal powder bed fusion (PBF) system for in-situ monitoring [1]

·         High-speed and schlieren imaging during PBF for multiple layer builds [2]

·         First model of laser plume and ambient gas flow in build chamber for PBF [2]

·         First high-speed imaging during PBF at sub-atmospheric pressures [3]


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Additive manufacture (3D printing) of metals - Wire


Key findings

·         Shadowgraphy & schlieren imaging of shield gas coverage for arc processes [1,2]

·         Effect of gas flowrate, cross-drafts, and nozzle diameter, stand-off and angle on shield gas coverage [1,3]

·         Multiphysics magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) model of interaction between plasma arc and shield gas to predict shield gas coverage [3]


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Iterative laser forming / Iterative laser straightening


Key findings

·         First automated, iterative forming and straightening of doubly-curved surfaces incorporating both bending and membrane strains [1,2]

·         Systematic study relating changes in the mechanical properties of low carbon steel (AISI1010) and aluminium alloy (AA2024-T3) to temperature during forming [3]

·         Through-thickness strain measured by neutron diffraction and related to line energy and number of passes for forming and straightening [4]


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Shape measurement


Key findings

·         Dynamic shape measurement system for laser materials processing [1,2]

·         Automated shape measurement for a monolithic fringe projection probe mounted to a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) [3,4]


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Deformation, Strain and Vibration measurement


Key findings

·         First measurements with microsecond temporal resolution using speckle pattern interferometry [1,2]

·         Quantified surface velocity limit and extended it with spatial phase stepping [3,5]


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