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Collaborators and Impact

Optical diagnostics provide greater understanding and control of engineering and scientific systems. Light adds no extra mass or stiffness to the structure and measurements can be made at many points simultaneously under service conditions. We research novel optical techniques for measuring deformation, strain, vibration, shape and fluid flow. We apply these techniques to unique measurement problems, particularly for manufacturing applications.





Additive manufacture (3D printing) of metals - Powder


Key projects

·         “In-situ characterisation of SLM for process setting”, EPSRC EP/K030884/1, 2016–2018

·         “iCASE studentship: Fast scan to print”, Renishaw & EPSRC, 2016–2020

·         “In-situ imaging of particle-beam interactions in SLM and modelling of powder spreading”, EPSRC Nottingham CIM, 2014–2015









Additive manufacture (3D printing) of metals - Wire


Key projects

·         “Process control for laser-hybrid additive manufacture of metals”, EPSRC EP/K030884/1, 2015–2017

·         “2(AR)MoR: 2(Add - Remove) with Measurement or Repair”, EPSRC EP/K030884/1, 2016–2018

·         “Visualising and optimising shield gas flows during high-value manufacture”, BAE Systems, 2013–2017





Iterative laser forming / Iterative laser straightening


Key projects

·         “Stress engineering”, EPSRC GR/S12395/01, 2004–2008

·         “Laser forming of aerospace alloys - a direct fabrication technique”, EPSRC GR/N21734/01, 2000–2004





Residual stress measurements using GHz and THz radiation


Key projects

·         “Photoelasticity for sub-surface stress measurements in ceramic coating systems”, EPSRC EP/N018249/1, 2016–2019

·         “Photoelasticity for opaque objects”, EPSRC EP/L022249/1, 2014–2016

·         “THz Dimensional Metrology”, Stanford University-Scottish Universities SU2P, 2012–2013








Shape measurement


Key projects

·         “Novel optical shape measurement techniques for laser manufacturing applications”, EPSRC EP/F02553X/1, 2009–2011

·         “Free-form shape metrology for laser manufacturing applications”, EPSRC GR/S12395/01, 2006–2008

·         “Measurement and dynamic modelling of flapping wings of free-flying Eristalis hoverflies”, EPSRC/DSTL GR/S23032/01, 2003–2006





Deformation, Strain and Vibration measurement


Key projects

·         “Rotation measurement for laser manufacturing applications”, EPSRC EP/F02553X/1, 2011–2013

·          “William Penney Fellowship”, AWE, 2006–2015

·         “Advanced Research Fellowship: Dynamic, full-field optical metrology for manufacturing applications”, EPSRC GR/A01541/01, 2000–2005




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